If we ever needed a slamming door, whodunit farce, right about now would be it. And this musical "Murder for Two" which won some pretty prestigious awards about five years ago, not to mention standing ovations at the Gilmore Piano Festival, fits the bill. And starting this weekend it's being presented with a holiday bow wrapped around it. "Murder for Two - Holiday Edition" opens a three-week run Friday night at Farmers Alley Theatre downtown.

"Murder for Two - Holiday Edition" is the story of a murder, where "one actor investigates the crime, while the other plays all of the suspects, and they both play the piano!"

Brandon Lambert is the detective, Marcus Moscowicz. And co-creator Joe Kinosian plays all the guests, all ten of them, the suspects at a surprise birthday party for famed author, Arthur Whitney who according to the play's description has been "killed...fatally". From there the whodunit begins. The list of suspects is quite colorful, beginning with the widow, Dahlia; a prima ballerina, a psychiatrist and seven more potential killers.

The Marx Brothers, Agatha Christie and The Simpsons

RevueWM quotes Kinosian describing it as the Marx Brothers doing Agatha Christie, with some Simpsons thrown in.

Local theater goers will know the name Kathy Mulay. The long-time Portage Central drama department leader and Kalamazoo Civic Theater fixture has had a storied career. She is the director of this work, which won a Joseph Jefferson Award in Chicago for best new musical, and a best actor nod for Kinosian.

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The Farmers Alley website has showtimes and ticket information.

One thing you need to know: Farmers Alley requires that theatergoers be fully vaccinated when attending a performance and wear a mask at all times when
inside the theater.

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