If there's one medium that hasn't quite been able to figure out it's new normal, yet, it's live theatre. There have been conversations about taking 3/4 of the seats out of some venues to promote social distancing, have the performers rehearse virtually, and even host events in outdoor spaces. Two Kalamazoo theatres decided to bring a children's show out of the house and in to the band shell at Bronson Park.  Farmers Alley Theatre and Face Off Theatre gave us all the theatre magic we've been craving with Three Little Birds.

Three Little Birds, is the story of two small island children. Nansi is always up for an adventure, and the boy she has a crush on, Ziggy, is definitely not. He's scared of everything; hurricanes, mangoes falling on his head, and the evil Duppy who threatens to steal his dreadlocks. As he ventures out of his home and in to the forest for the first time in very long time, he finds friends and help along the way, along with island history from three little birds. Set to the music of Bob Marley, it was a fun, kid-friendly story that was a great introduction to reggae music and island lore. Plus, it was so nice to see theatre again! Costumes, choreography - oh, how I've missed it. And it really was the perfect day for it; the sun was shining, the sky was the perfect blue, and the 80 degree weather definitely gave you that island feel. Congratulations on the success of Three Little Birds, Farmers Alley and Face Off, and thank you for finding a way to bring theatre to our community.

With a lot of theatres shuttered for the next long while, it's important that we help them in any way we can. You can help by attending an outdoor concert or performance and contributing to future collaborations. We want to be able to enjoy the arts when all this is over, and if we don't support our favorite venues, they might not be here when we're allowed to give them our custom once again.

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