On this day in 1933, a Scottish couple claimed to have seen an enormous animal come to the surface of Loch Ness. Their description of the "monster" was so vivid and frightening news reporters from all over the United Kingdom flocked to get the scoop. The small town became embroiled in a frenzy of supposed sightings with varying and contradictory descriptions. A local circus offered 20,000 pounds sterling for a live capture, and the now debunked (yet arguably the most famous picture), The Surgeon's Photograph, won a large sum of money for being the first photographic "evidence". Even though the loch has been searched several times over by cryptozoologists with the most state-of-the-art sonar equipment, the loch has yet to give up the beast.

This had me thinking about Michigan. With it's unique landscape, flora, and fauna, there sure are some strange, unsolved mysteries that also make up The Mitten. Here are just a few that I've discovered.



  • BigGabig

    The Dogman of Wexford County

    For thousands of years Native Americans have shared the lore of a half-man-half-dog creature. Legend came alive one summer morning for several loggers in the early 1800s. As the men were working near the Manistee River, they came upon a very playful animal they thought was a strange looking dog. They chased it all around until it hid in a hollow log. One of the men tried coaxing the animal out of the log by poking it with a stick. A horrible, otherworldly sound came from the beast as it, according to legend, stood upright. The loggers quickly packed their belongings up and abandoned camp in the middle of the night, never to return. It is said that there have been Dogman sightings across Michigan, including in Allegan.

  • KrivosheevV

    The Corn Monster of Winn

    Winn locals will warn you about driving along a stretch of West Coe Road. They say that the figure of a man emerges from the cornfields. But he is no man. Whatever it is, it is dark, dirty, and horribly disturbing. A 2003 sighting still has a former truck driver terrified, and his account happened in broad daylight.

  • Chris Rogers
    Chris Rogers


    The #1 item on every cryptozoologist's list is proving the existence of Bigfoot. There have been over 1,200 Bigfoot sightings in the Mitten, making places like There are 1,200 written incidents of Bigfoot interactions in Michigan (the supposed "Bigfoot Capital of Michigan") meeting places for believers of the beast.

  • Dmitry Gool
    Dmitry Gool

    The Paulding Light

    What's so mysterious about a little light, huh? Well, when you can't find it's origin and it appears semi-regularly, you start to wonder... The Paulding Light in Paulding, Michigan, fits the bill. A group of teenagers in the 60s were the first to spot it and report it to local authorities. Legend has it that it's the ghostly lantern light from a railroad brakeman who died on duty. Others say it's swamp gas. Still others (read "students at Michigan Tech") are convinced it's nothing more than headlights from distant cars.

  • suzieleakey

    The Ada Witch

    Infidelity can haunt a person, or in this case, a cemetery. Legend has it that Findlay Cemetery in Ada has a supernatural resident. A "lady in white" has been seen on several occasions over the years, and locals believe it is the ghost of woman from the 1800s who was caught cheating by her husband when she crept out in the middle of the night to meet her lover in the cemetery. The enraged husband killed his wife on the spot, then turned his attention to the other man. A bloody struggle ensued with both men dying from their wounds. Locals have said that you can hear sounds of struggle coming from the cemetery, wails from a sobbing woman, and of course, see the apparition of a woman in white.

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