Actor Aldis Hodge will take a break from being in everything you've ever loved to talk about one of his latest projects, Brian Banks, with the Rocker Morning Show. Brian Banks tells the true story of a hopeful athlete's life derailing after false allegations send him to prison for five years. Opens Friday, August 9th.

You may also recognize Hodge from:

  • Supernatural - Hodge played Jake Talley at the end of Season 2; yet another person born on the same day as Sam Winchester experiencing psychic abilities, he was thrown in to a Thunderdome situation where every man was for himself. Ultimately, he sacrificed himself to save Sam.
  • Turn: Washington's Spies - As Akinbode, Hodge played the freed slave turned mercenary who thought of nothing but maintaining his freedom and someday being reunited Abigail.
  • Black Mirror - The final episode of Season 4, Black Museum was made up of several vignettes, one of which told the story of a young man tragically losing his wife shortly after their child was born, and a new technology that could place her consciousness in his head so she can see her child grow. Of course, as with every episode, it begs the question; just because we can, does it mean we should?

Tune in to the Rocker Morning Show, Tuesday, August 6th just after 7:00 to hear Mike and Stefani's exclusive interview with Aldis Hodge and get the skinny on Brian Banks.

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