For the most part we deal with Kalamazoo's best and/or Michigan's best.  Whether it's food, beer, places to live, beaches, coffee shops, vacation spots, the list goes on and on.  In some cases, the area's best or the state's best is also one of the country's best or even the world's best.  So it only seems fair that the area's or the state's worst should also be identified.  However, in this case, I don't agree with this particular national entity's choice for Michigan and maybe you won't either.

According to, each state has one definitive food item that they classify as the grossest in the state and one of the grossest in the country.  For Michigan they chose The Pasty.  Here's what they had to say:

The pasty fails to live up to any standard. But don?t tell Michiganders from the Upper Peninsula that. To be honest though, are you shocked? We aren't. This is Michigan, after all, who takes pride in having lead-filled water and a large portion of their state looking uncomfortably geographically suggestive on U.S. maps. The problem is that this little half moons are seasoned with nothing other than salt and pepper. Can we get some garnishings with that?

I don't care what they think!  I love them and I always will.

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