NHL Playoffs are set to begin and once again most games are set to be aired on NBC.  The first round for some reason will see a pair of games aired on the Golf Channel. 

According to news.hockeyfeed.com,a pair of game 4's  in the first round for the upcoming playoffs are set to air on the Golf Channel.

It is pointed out in that story that the networks that could cover these games, NHL Network, NBC, CNBC and USA are airing programming that could easily be bumped for these playoff games.

It is speculated that this is NBC getting back at the NHL for not sending their players to the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

The schedule at NBC Sports says that the game 4's are between Tampa Bay vs. New Jersey and Anaheim vs. San Jose.

If you want to catch those two games make sure you have the Golf Channel otherwise you will probably have to stream them.  You could also be lucky enough to have access to the Canadian channels that cover the games.

The NHL Playoffs are set to begin Wednesday Night (April 11th).

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