Over the years we've heard horrible stories of abuse; whether it be child abuse or animal abuse.  When I run across one of these stories I always lament that kids and pets can't pick their parents or owners.  Therein lies one of the problems.  Despite the strong deterrent of punishment for child abuse, cases continue to happen with parents who have no business being parents.  So too with pet owners, although, sometimes a different perception occurs with animals in that they're not human and punishments should not coincide.

Well, according to an article on wnem.com, the punishments for animal abuse will be more severe.  In fact, under new laws taking effect in March, sentences can include up to 10 months in prison.  Some say that's not enough and other say it's too much.  Whatever you believe, one would hope that propriety and common sense will lead actions.  If nothing else, how about just doing the right thing?  Or is that too much to ask some people?



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