For years now we've been presented with many questions surrounding mass shootings.  Do we outlaw assault rifles?  Do we need stricter background checks?  Do we need better mental health remedies?  And many, many more.  So far we've got a lot of questions but not a lot of answers.  One of those questions is: Can we develop better "preemptive" measures to stop these individuals before they commit these horrendous crimes?

According to an article on, state lawmakers have introduced a bill that allows law enforcement to remove guns before a crisis occurs.  It's called The Red Flag Law which allows law enforcement to temporarily confiscate firearms from individuals at risk of harming themselves or others as in the case of the Parkland, FL high school shooter who was identified by citizens to law enforcement that there was a considerable amount of evidence that he was panning something.  This was a mental health issue but the proposed law would also include other parameters.  Check out the rest of the information by clicking HERE.


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