Ever since recreational marijuana became legal in Michigan last November the pros and cons have been flying.  Certainly there was excitement surrounding the many benefits, medical and otherwise, that easy access to pot would produce coupled with the notion that it's better than drinking in several ways.  Lately, however, medical issues have been revealed such as the recent finding that the youngest of the legal users may be at a greater risk of a stroke and other heart related maladies.

Now, in an article on wzzm13.com, a study has found a link between male marijuana use and miscarriage risk.  At first I was confused given the anatomic realities until it was noted that the link they observed may have something to do with sperm DNA damage.  Researchers found that couples where the man used marijuana one or more times a week faced twice the risk of miscarriage compared to couples that used no marijuana – even if the woman didn’t use pot herself.  Get more of the study by clicking HERE.


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