While most of us have been rocking pajama pants and messy buns for the last few weeks, Kalamazoo's Bronson Park got some sparkly new bling. Two brand new, state-of-the-art electronic signs have been added to the park thanks to Bronson Park 21st Century fundraising effort. I reached out to Kalamazoo Parks & Recreation Director Sean Fletcher to get the skinny on the newest addition to one of Kalamazoo's favorite outdoors spaces.

The new signs, one on the corner of Park and South Streets, the other kitty-corner on Rose and Academy, serve a dual purpose. "The signs explain the history of the park and will allow us to post information regarding upcoming events in the park," Fletcher explained. One side is an electronic display, the other features a timeline of Bronson Park's over one-hundred-year history compiled by City of Kalamazoo Historic Preservation Coordinator Sharon Ferraro. When designing the signs, marrying the traditional Bronson Park features with new design and technology was crucial. "The right look/feel was important. I think they turned out nice," Fletcher added.

These "sign kiosks," as Fletcher calls them have been part of a Bronson Park plan that has been in development for several years. And this is just the beginning of bringing the park in to the future. So what can we look forward to? According to Fletcher, "The work that was started last fall is being finalized. The next phase (4-5 years out depending on funding) will include a splash pad/ice rink."


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