One of the few highlights of the NHL All Star Weekend each year, The Breakaway Challenge is set to end.

According to Yahoo Sports,  the event that is a part of the skills competition will end.  For those not familiar, this event featured NHL stars either wearing wacky costumes, doing trick shots or having other players (players kids) assist in scoring a breakaway goal on the goaltender.

This event is similar to what the Slam Dunk Competition is in the NBA.  It was a chance for the players to have a little fun and entertain the fans.   This year the all star game will be in L.A.

I would of loved to have seen some celebrities getting involved in some of the action plus, it was always interesting to see what P.K. Subban would come up with.

Will you miss the Breakaway Challenge?   At least this year they will have the Top 100 Greatest NHL Players during The All Star Weekend.


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