A beloved restaurant in Mattawan has, unfortunately, announced its closure.

Nonla recently shared a Facebook post revealing their plans to shut down Nonla Vietnamese Street Food in Mattawan. Their post read, in part,

This was our very first restaurant moving to Michigan and brought us nothing but joy. It has been so fun and we cannot put into words how grateful we are for the friends that we’ve made in the process of meeting you over years. We are ready to mix it up and give you something new in this space. We will be closing for a few weeks for a remodel and re-opening as....NONLA BURGER in Mattawan.

You can see the full post here.

If you're feeling bummed that your favorite spot is changing it up you still have time to load up on your favorite dishes. Nonla said that their last day of serving their Vietnamese food will be on Saturday, November 20th.

Whether you're craving their spring rolls or wings (which were once named the best wings in Kalamazoo), now is the time to go enjoy them before it's too late!

As mentioned in the above post, they'll be shutting down for a few weeks to renovate before emerging as Mattawan's Nonla Burger. Fans of their Vietnamese street food had a number of different reactions. Those reactions on Nonla's Facebook post number over 300 and include comments like:

Sin N. who wrote: Our family loves your burgers but I'm so sad to lose nonla Vietnamese it was my favorite restaurant, those wings will be missed 

Mary B. said: Very sad! My most fav restaurant. You can always get a burger on Drake Road. This was a special place.

Melanie C. commented: So incredibly sad over this news!! It has been so nice to have your amazing food that was different from everywhere else in the area. Every single item on your menu is exceptional! 

And Heather C. expressed her disappointment by saying: Please excuse my tears as I mourn the loss of the Garlic noodles of my dreams!! However, SUPER DUPER excited that we get Nola Burgers so close & not losing you guys!!!

Clearly, Nonla Vietnamese Street Food will be missed.

As far as restaurant closings go, oftentimes they'll sell food until they run out of that specific food. Just in case Nonla Vietnamese will be doing the same thing, you can stay up to date until their closing by following them on Facebook.

If you've yet to try Nonla's Vietnamese Street Food, now is the time. Judging by their Instagram, their food looks delicious.

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