Michigan is blessed with many historic lighthouses through out the entire state.  One of those historic lighthouses will become a state historic site on June 9th.

According to the Iosco County News-Herald, The Tawas Point Lighthouse will be named a Michigan Historic Site on Saturday, June 9th.

My Wife and I had the chance to see the lighthouse last summer as we drove up US-23 towards Alpena.  If you are not familiar with this lighthouse it is located in East Tawas, Michigan inside Tawas Point State Park.

It is one of those lighthouses that you can see all around Tawas bay in Tawas City and East Tawas.

I unfortunately didn't have the chance to go inside the building that day due to time, but I did get a chance to walk around the grounds and it is worth the visit if you are a fan of lighthouses.

There will be a historic marker placed on the site during a ceremony this weekend (June 9th).  It will list the role of the lighthouse in that area of Michigan during the buildings 142 years.

Like the western side of the state along Lake Michigan, there are quite a few lighthouses located along the Lake Huron side of the state.  Another one I had the chance to visit last summer was Sturgeon Point, just north of Harrisville.

You can check out the Pure Michigan website for more details on the Tawas Point lighthouse.

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