This weekend was suppose to be the start of the season.  As many wonder when the season will start, new odds are out on when the season will actually begin. 

According to the story from M-Live,  odds have been released on when the actually Major League Baseball season will begin.

Odds from Bet Online have 11/4 odds that the season will start June 1st or sooner and 2/9 odds that it won't start by that time.

July 1st or sooner is even odds with 4/7 that it won't start by that date.   Finally there are odds listed for the season starting in late summer.  4/9 odds that it will start August 1st or sooner with 8/5 that it won't start that late.

We'll have to wait and see if the league can return by Memorial Day or sometime in June.   The dates would give the league enough time to  start back up and be close to playing a regular season schedule.

You can follow the Detroit Tigers website for the latest news on the season.

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