Remember the Dayton, Ohio man that gave up everything but beer for lent?  He lost a ton of weight.

In case you missed the story we brought you in early March.  Del Hall who is an employee of a Dayton, OH brewery decided to take a page out of a history book dating back to the 1600's for Lint.  Monks in Bavaria would do this a couple centuries ago.

He chronicled his journey with daily youtube updates and weigh-ins.  On his final weigh-in the day before Easter he lost a total of 44 pounds in 45 days.

He's received hundreds of thousands of views on youtube since he started this adventure.  He wrapped the fast up at 420 Fest.  Check out the video update below.


Kalamazoo is known for it's craft beer.  So, who's going to pull this off in West Michigan for 2020?  Any volunteers?



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