Mean-spirited high school students' attempt at pranking a trans teen in the Cincinnati area backfired.

Cassie is a transgender sophomore at Mariemont High School in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  She just came out as trans in April of this year.  Coming out as trans at any age is a struggle that most of us will never understand.  You can imagine how elated Cassie and her family were when she was nominated for Homecoming Princess this year.  That was the beginning of a roller coaster of emotions as the high school guidance counselor alerted Cassie that the nomination was a joke at her expense the very next day.  Cassie's mother Kat spoke to WCPO about that painful moment,

There were students who thought it would be just funny and hysterical to have Cassie as the princess.  We went from being on such an exciting high to then it was just so heartbreaking as a parent.

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The high school gave Cassie the option to decline the nomination now that she's aware that it was meant as a cruel joke.  She decided to accept the nomination and make history despite the nature of the nomination.  In response to Cassie's decision, the male students nominated for Homecoming Prince all decided not to appear in the parade as some kind of protest.  That's when the Mariemont High School faculty stepped up and appeared in their places to show support for Cassie as seen in the viral TikTok below that was uploaded by Rian Mathieu.  The video has been viewed nearly 400,000 times since it was uploaded 2 days ago.

The outpouring of support that came from the community was incredible. So many people made signs and showed up to cheer on Cassie at the Parade.  You can see that she is blown away by the response and she sits on the back of an Audi convertible on the Homecoming parade route.

Cassie says she will proudly wear the Homecoming Princess crown regardless of the bad intentions behind the nomination.  She went on to say that this situation has motivated her to do more for the trans community.

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