One of the many things that put Lansing on the map was the Oldsmobile.

Ransom E. Olds was an Ohioan whose family moved to Lansing in 1880, when he was 16. At the age of 23, he built his own steam-powered car.

Thanks to the Oldsmobile Club of America, other Olds highlights include:
1896: Ransom builds a gas-powered automobile in Lansing.
1897: The Olds Motor Vehicle Company is founded.
1900: The name “Oldsmobile” is used for the first time.
1905: The song “My Merry Oldsmobile” debuts.
1908: Oldsmobile joins General Motors.
1935: Oldsmobile's 1,000,000th auto is cranked out.
1949: Olds debuts the Rocket V-8.
1950: Ransom E. Olds passes away.
1998: Lansing Olds moves to Detroit.
April 29, 2004: The Alero becomes the final Olds auto to be manufactured.
(See the site's entire list of Oldsmobile highlights here.)

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I enjoy taking a look at old automobile ads from the 1900s-1930s. The descriptions on some of these are exaggerated (“mad-vertising” at work), with slick illustrations, depictions of beautiful people driving the most updated autos, and promises that you won't break down. MADvertising, indeed...but it all worked.

The gallery below shows 25 old newspaper and magazine ads touting the newest, latest, slickest, and most high-performing Olds for the times, from 1900 thru 1931. Have a look!



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