We've all seen some incredible video, especially in the past couple of years, on social media of all the things that dogs bring to our lives. The love and loyalty they bring to us is enough to make your eyes moist. Seeing that it's National Dog Day, the first question that popped in my head is, "I wonder what Michigan's favorite breeds of dog are". And with a little digging, like for a bone in the back yard, I found something a bit surprising.

Here's the popular breeds

Michigan's favorite breeds of dog are Labs, German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers (though it says in Detroit, rottweilers are most popular) This Michigan list varies from the national list, on which Bulldogs do well. The national #1 is Labradors, followed by French Bulldogs. Third are German Shepherds, then it's Golden Retrievers, and then regular Bulldogs.

And here's why is surprising for Michigan

Here's an article on the best cold-weather dog breeds, and only the German Shepherd makes their top 20. The Tibetan Terrier is first on that list, followed by a Tibetan Mastiff (which really looks the part with a head and mane that look like it's sporting a fur hat.) A Siberian Husky is third on the list for best cold weather dogs, is somewhat popular in Michigan. Now there other way to look at this, during the middle of winter, these not so hearty breeds won't take too long when you let them out.

Can't say enough about loyalty

Another survey shows 80% of Michiganders say they love dogs. Here's an an example of why it's a mutual love affair. There was a story just last week about a dog that return home after 4 years, or this story from People Magazine an 18 month old dog got spooked by fireworks and a finally returned home months later, and even rang the door bell. (you can't make this stuff up.)

One astonishing fact I sure didn't know

Did you know puppies are born deaf?

And finally, there's this.

One last fact from all the surveys: 70% of dog owners sign their dog's name on Christmas cards. Ho, Ho, Ho.

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