In response to a recent article published on WRKR's website featuring the image of a used water filter taken from a home in Otsego, Otsego City Manager, Aaron Mitchell responded, quote:

I’m disheartened by the story you posted on Friday on your website based off of a facebook post that is stating the City of Otsego is selling and distributing water that contains PCBs, PFAS and heavy metals ...we have had many people challenging our water quality in the last couple of years.  In response, our water quality has been tested at levels few if any other municipal water systems in the nation have been left to endure.  There is constantly an immense amount of work and effort put into making sure that our water is safe from all of our water department employees."

Mayor of Otsego, Cindy Trobeck wrote, quote:

The City of Otsego has tested their water supply consistently and continues to test... The Facebook post claims that the picture displayed is a 3-month old filter attached to the public water system.  I do not claim to have any idea if it is really a 3 month old filter.  The residue build up is due to iron.  Facts that we don't know  include such things as what type and age is the  plumbing of  the homeowner? We simply see an unappetizing image accompanied by unsubstantiated statements... The City of Otsego, the Water Treatment team for the City of Otsego, the Allegan County Health Department, the national DEQ and Michigan's counterpart EGLE and the EPA all have facts available for you, should you wish to present a more balanced viewpoint.

I am not a reporter, nor do I claim to be. The Facebook post from which the photo was taken never stated that the city of Otsego is selling and distributing water containing PCBs, PFAs, and heavy metals. It was never my intention to imply that the water filter in the photo was attached to the municipal water system of Otsego, and, furthermore, it was certainly not my intention to create sensationalism. I will make every effort to correct any misinformation. For a link to the corrected article click below.

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