No need to worry about those murder hornets. They are no match for the mandibles of a praying mantis. 

As if COVID-19 wasn't enough of a worldwide concern, we started hearing about murder hornets that were going to be the next plague infested upon mankind. Worry no more, friends, the Asian giant hornet has met its match: the Mantis religiosa.

It's hard to say who set up this match between denizens of the insect kingdom, but the murder hornet doesn't have a prayer. Admittedly, it is a sneak attack- the hornet is facing a different direction, but don't those insect eyes see everywhere? The mantis quickly wraps up the hornet with an unbreakable grip that renders the deadly stinger harmless. This is where it gets gruesome, as the mantis quickly begins biting its opponent, then devouring its head.

Be sure to turn up the volume on this Ultimate Insects Championships fight and watch "Dennis Hopper Jr." and "Manson" battle to the insane finish. The :45 bout is followed by a slow motion instant replay and commentary. There's also another version here that dubs in the call from the infamous Tyson/Holyfield fight.

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