From YouTube/Inside Edition
From YouTube/Inside Edition

Is it me or is the world getting even weirder?  We constantly find ourselves in what seems like a movie or bad dream that we'll wake up from because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  To allow that movie or bad dream to get crazier would be, well, crazy.  I mean what's next an actual Sharknado?  If you happen to see Tara Reid or Ian Ziering  you better run.

When I first heard about the Murder Hornet, I thought it was a new Indie band and now I'm sure there will be.  There have been some dangerous insects certainly like the various virus-carrying mosquitoes but none with "Murder" in their name.  I know, I know they don't actually murder people although people have died from repeated stings.  However, they do decapitate bees and completely decimate their hives which may be an ever bigger problem.

I do not believe most people know how important bees are to sustaining life in this world.  They are our pollinators and without them much of the farm crop industry could not survive.  Sadly, their population is dwindling do to pollution, lack of green space and lack of hives.  My sister-in-law is a bee keeper and also uses bee stings as a form of therapy and she's done some remarkable things for patients that were not responding to traditional methods.  I have a new-found respect for bees and protect them whenever I can.

Hornets and wasps, on the other hand, don't serve much of a purpose so lets get those bastards whenever we can.  As for the Murder Hornet, you can get some details from one of our previous articles by clicking HERE.  And now let's see what it's like to get stung by one.  Thanks to our friends at Inside Edition.

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