One of the reasons that Robin Williams became such a big star was his breakout role in the popular show Mork & Mindy, and it may have helped that the chemistry between him and actress Pam Dawber was on point.

Pam and Robin were a great duo and good friends during the filming of the show, which ended in 1982. It's also important to note that Pam is a Michigander and was born in Detroit and went to school in Farmington Hills and Rochester Hills:

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She went to Reid Elementary School in Goodrich and attended North Farmington High School and Oakland Community College (OCC), with the intention of transferring to a four-year college. She deferred her studies at OCC to do some modeling work and eventually dropped out after deciding to go into modeling full-time.

Many people recall the impact the show had on pop culture, as when the show debuted, Robin Williams was fairly unknown but eventually made him a massive star:

The first year (1978) of Mork was unbelievable. I was 13 and I never missed an episode that whole season on Thursday nights. Some Thursdays I'd go to work with my dad at his radio station in Kansas City and I'd go downstairs and watch Mork in the TV station's breakroom. I've heard several times that network TV back then was for kids, teens, and old people and I think this is very true, mostly because those are the people not working with plenty of time on their hands at home.

Pam and her family have remained fairly private in the public eye, but I still find it cool that one of our own was a major part of a show many people loved growing up.

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