WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Growing up in Southeast Michigan, we were lucky to live across the street from Star Rochester Hills, a movie theatre belonging to the Star Theatre chain which was born in Michigan. I remember at one point Star Rochester had made a switch from Star to AMC, and eventually Emagine.

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I always wondered why there was such a shift away from Star, until realizing that it wasn't just the location I lived by, but most of the Star locations. If you don't know about Star, here's a brief look into its history:

Based solely in Michigan, Star was known for having exceptional service, extravagant interior designs, many screens, and in some cases, stadium-style seating. The Southfield, Michigan and Auburn Hills, Michigan locations were considered the flagships of the chain and remained very popular with local movie-goers. The Loeks sold their 50% interest in the chain to Loews Cineplex Theatres in 2002. The chain was subsequently sold to AMC Theatres in 2006 when Loews was purchased by AMC.

All in all, they had 11 locations, some of which after re-branding are still in operation today, but, sadly, Star Theatre in general is long gone. What's left is now AMC Star, but anything that's left of Star Theatres is decaying and waiting for the wrecking ball, like one undisclosed location that was photographed by Hardcam Frio.

Take a look at what's left of the once-great Michigan-based movie theatre company and hope one day they can make a return.

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