There are many fugitives that are wanted in the state of Michigan and one in particular has been on the run from the law for over 20 years and needs to be brought in. Eddie Perez is from Detroit and is a Caucasian/ Hispanic man who may have been responsible for the murder of a Farmington Hills man back in 2001.

Since then, police fear that he may have either fled the country or is in hiding somewhere in the United States. Perez also has ties to Indiana, Michigan, Puerto Rico, and Tijuana, Mexico. Additionally, it was reported that he had a collection of books on how to be a fugitive, how to do money transactions over the Internet, and how to change his identity and create fake identifications and documents, according to the FBI.

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What To Know About Fugitive Edgardo Perez

Edgardo Luis Perez is wanted for his alleged involvement in a murder, which occurred in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The victim was a 56-year-old male who Perez reportedly befriended at a health club. Within a few weeks, Perez had gained the victim's trust and was invited to his home.

He Was Last To Be With The Victim

Reportedly, during a phone conversation on October 20, 2001, the victim told his roommate that he was going to spend the day with Perez. This was the last known contact with the victim. It is alleged that Perez may have befriended the victim with the intent of stealing his identification and money for the purpose of fleeing the country. Reportedly, Perez feared he was going to be incarcerated for a probation violation.

Perez is 5'6" with brown eyes and black hair. He isn't the only one who has evaded the law however, here are more Michigan fugitives that are still on the loose:

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