The feeling of being stuck behind a slow farm implement like a tractor, combine or harvester is something that people who live in big cities just don't know. And you have likely passed them on the roads hundreds of times. But passing them might have broken the law.

The reminder on laws of dealing with farm machinery on the roads comes from our friends across Lake Michigan in Wisconsin where the Sheybogan County sheriff shared on Facebook a reminder that it's illegal to pass farm equipment in a no-passing zone.

Would the law be the same in Michigan? That appears to be the case. tackled the issue of farm machinery on the road in a 2011 article. Their findings are that slow moving farming vehicles have the same rights to the road that you do and their vehicles are no different, in the eyes of the law, than yours.

An officer with the Motor Carrier Division of the Michigan State Police opined that while the farm vehicles can be on the road, they should be conscientious of a back-up they might be creating and give other vehicles a chance to pass by pulling over to the side where they can.

But because a tractor is treated like any other vehicle, passing, no matter how slow it's going, in a no-passing zone, would be a no-no.

This is a good time to remind you of another recently amended Michigan traffic law. Intersections where a traffic light is out is now officially a four way stop. That wasn't always the case.

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