If home is your sanctuary, this house of God is for you. The former Glendale Baptist Church is for sale at just over $100k.

The small town of Paw Paw has more than twenty churches of diverse faiths. You could start your own religion, or take up residence and live in peace in this parish. We're not sure which congregation built this temple in 1880, but we do know it was refurbished about 100 years later and most recently home of the Glendale Baptists. Now, this unique property "full of possibilities" could be home to your flock or family.

The price on the church at 32640 County Road 665, just South of M-43 in Paw Paw, has just been reduced to $105,000. With an estimated mortgage of $573 a month, you get 6,000+ square feet of space. It sounds impressive, but it is listed as a studio with .3 bathrooms. As you might guess, the sanctuary takes up much of the main floor, but the basement is where the living space is, complete with fireplace, kitchen, and additional rooms. Again, the small bathroom may be limiting, but if you're not the religious type, that baptismal font might make a nice hot tub. Two more caveats worth mentioning before you take a look around: it is situated next door to a graveyard and the bell is not included.

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Paw Paw Church For Sale

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