You likely know there is a paw paw fruit, one that gave its name of a river and series of lakes as well as the Van Buren County seat. But it's likely you've never tasted a paw paw before. So would you try paw paw beer?

Old Mill Brewpub in Plainwell celebrated the new year by releasing Paw Paw Pale Ale which they describe as,

a combination of Mango, Banana, and Butterscotch Pudding. We’ve brewed them into an English-style Pale Ale that is light, sweet, and floral.

But don't wait on it- the brewery replied to a fan wondering how long it would be around, "it’s a limited release and will be gone soon. Stop in for a pint!"

It's a well known fact in the village of Paw Paw that the paw paw fruit can be fairly illusive. Old Mill says they found some paw paws growing wild in Kalamazoo County's Cooper Township.

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