Bummer, dude. The news is not so groovy, as Peace, Love, and Little Donuts in Portage has made the tough decision to close their doors permanently.

When it opened in 2017, Peace, Love and Little Donuts in Portage was the 23rd donut shop in the hippie-inspired chain. Sadly, it looks like the '70s are over as this store has closed, and the numbers are down in 2022. As of this writing, the location at 6043 s Westnedge in Portage is still on the corporate website. Traverse City is the only other Michigan location, one of 16 franchises currently on the map in Colorado, Louisiana, New Jersey, Oregon, Tennessee, West Virginia, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Kentucky, Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina, and Virginia.

A couple of things make Peace, Love, and Little Donuts unique. Like Krispy Kreme, the donuts are made right in front of you, and the smell is deliciously overwhelming. The funkadelic, far-out, and groovy donuts are then topped right in front of you. (Think of how the "sandwich artist" prepares your lunch at Subway.) There are more than 50 flavors on the menu.

The Facebook account for the Portage store has been deactivated, but I saw a post on Saturday, January 22 saying they had made the difficult decision to permanently close the doors. A member of the Kalamazoo Menu Facebook group shared a photo at 2:17 pm, saying she was their very last customer.

We're sad to see them go, but there are still plenty of places you can go to eat cake for breakfast, including Sweetwater's  Dunkin', Tim Horton's, and a couple of small bakeries. Donut worry, be happy.

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