Pearl Jam's Ten Club has been offering members an annual single.  This special gift for the fans will end on January 1st.

According to Pearl Jam,  the single will be discontinued.   The single has been a major part of the Ten Club since the band got their start back in 1990.

The single was offered to Ten Club members and for most years was sent to fans on vinyl.   In recent years the band offered a choice between the vinyl or a download.

I personally have been a member of the Ten Club since 2002.   I always looked forward to seeing what the band would release.   I unfortunately couldn't play any of these for years because I didn't have a record player.

Many of the songs that the band released through their fan club were only for the fans.  One of those singles actually had life beyond the club when the single, "Last Kiss" ended up becoming a hit for the band.

Out of the various singles released some of my favorites included, their cover of  "Wishing Well" by Free,  also a live Temple of the Dog song, "Reach Down" with a live cover of The Ramones, "I Believe In Miracles".

The one favorite Christmas song released from the band would be their very first Ten Club  single, "Let Me Sleep".

It is sad to see the singles go but I am curious to see what the band will offer fans here in the future.


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