We've always been lucky here in Michigan to witness the wonders of the Northern Lights and once in a while we're treated to more than that.  Comets are few and far between, shooting stars aren't predictable and falling stars are only in Hollywood.  See what I did there.  Every once in a while we are fortunate enough to be in position with the right kind of sky to see meteor showers and there are 2 on our doorstep.

upnothlive.com is giving us the heads up (Get it?  Heads up?) on not one but two meteor showers this week and one of them you won't have to stay up late for.  One of them is called the Dracnoids and the other is the South Taurid meteor shower.  Both are caused by debris from comets.  I continue to marvel at the wonders of the universe and how little we really know.  For now, we just sit back and enjoy.  Get more Information on the meteor showers by clicking HERE.