Following the ban on drinking water in Parchment and parts of Cooper Township, there have been reports of people going door to door selling kits they allege will test for the PFAS contaminant in water. Don't buy one, it's a scam.

Kalamazoo Township police, who serve the City of Parchment, released the following:

The Township of Kalamazoo Police Department has received information regarding a potential scam. Citizens, in the effected water areas, have reported that two white males in a maroon SUV are going door to door trying to sell PFAS test kits and filters.

The Department of Environmental Quality has indicated that there currently is no over the counter consumer filters that will reduce the level of PFAS to the State safe level

Those that come into contact with the door to door salesmen are encouraged to contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.

Homes and businesses on the Parchment city water system are asked to not use the water until further notice and bottled water distribution sites have been set up.

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