If there's ever a go-to food for when you're high (aside from potato chips), the number one choice has got to be Pizza. There's something about the combination of TONS of cheese, the crust, the sauce, and all the toppings, that just makes it perfect for the munchies.

But... what if the pizza is the REASON you're craving the munchies?

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There's a pizza place popping up across parts of the Midwest that is making pizza that not only LOOKS amazing, and TASTES amazing... it makes you FEEL amazing.

Pink Panties Pizza (yes, that's the real name, and I love it) has spots in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky, currently. Specifically in Michigan, Pink Panties Pizza is based around the Detroit area. At the moment, they offer pizzas that have THC baked right into their "what up dough."

You can get pizzas between 500mg and 1200mg of THC, depending on your preference, and just to be clear, that's for the ENTIRE pizza. A large, 500mg pizza, cut into 8 slices, would only get you about 62mg of THC per slice... but who eats ONLY one slice of pizza, right? I mean, just LOOK at this pizza! How could you stop after one slice?


@pinkpantiespizza1 @kirby.cook is a chef herself… so she knows good Pizza #pinkpantiespizza #pizza #detroit #michigan #ohio #kentucky #indiana #illinois #foryoupage #chef #share #viral ♬ Sativa - Jhené Aiko

And all the pizzas are made from scratch, by hand, with fresh ingredients. One of their tiktoks even says they purchase the ingredients per order, meaning everything on your pie, was bought that day from the grocery store or farmer's market.

So once I found out about this pizza, I figured I'd plan a trip to check out the restaurant one weekend, only to find out... there ISN'T a restaurant.

Remember earlier, I listed off a few states where you can find this pizza? Only one of them - Michigan - has fully legal marijuana. Those other three - Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky - are either FULLY illegal, or have limited legal medicinal marijuana.

So it makes sense that the business model for this pizza place is pretty secretive.

The only way to order Pink Panties Pizza, is to call the number on their social media pages. They'll then send you a menu via text, you order off the menu, and then arrange for the pickup.

Seems shady, but again, I've been scrolling through their tiktok and Instagram accounts, and see NOTHING but positive experiences, happy people... and the most delicious looking pizza I think I've ever seen!  

And of course, one of their most popular pizzas in 2022... Pineapple Express. PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA! Not sure what the other ingredients are, but if you get a 1200 mg Pineapple Express Pizza, and even just have a couple slices, you won't care about what else is on the pizza.

And can we just talk about this logo? LOL Her name is Taylor Gourmet, and in 2020... she ran for President in the Pizza Party.

This place is genius. Pizza, that gets you high, gives you the munchies, and makes you want more pizza... it's the circle of life.

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