There's no mistaking where Leigh Kakaty still calls home.

After nearly 8 months of no touring, Pop Evil got back on the road, officially opening the Vortex Tour in their home town of Grand Rapids, MI.

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During the Rock The Lot Concert at The Intersection, Kakaty set up a couple acoustic songs - "Inferno" and "Monster You Made" - by talking about the band's home in Grand Rapids, and HIS home town of Muskegon on Lake Michigan.

"I'll tell you what inspired me, Michigan, the State of Michigan... The band was started in Grand Rapids, I grew up in Muskegon... and to this day, I'll eat at Mr. Scrib's Pizza like a Mother F****r."

He also wanted to clarify to anyone who always thinks of Detroit when he tells people he's from Michigan.

"No. I love Detroit, and there's a lot of Detroit roots in this band... I'm not mad at Detroit, but I want people to know we rock harder on the west side!"

Pop Evil was supposed to take the Vortex Tour out on the road earlier this year, but an increase in Covid-19 cases caused the band to pause their plans. In the meantime, they released "Eye of the Storm," which is currently sitting inside the Top 10 on Rock Charts.

Pop Evil guitar player Nick Fueling and drummer Hayley Cramer stopped by WRKR in Kalamazoo, MI on their way into Grand Rapids before the show, and talked with Rocker Morning Show's Meatball and Mark Frankhouse about getting back to touring after the Pandemic, and how tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

"As we've found out in the last couple years, nothing is guaranteed. Everything means everything. So, every time someone turns up at a show, any time someone wants to interview us on the radio, it means everything to us. And I feel really different this particular time." - Hayley Cramer

You can hear the full interview with Nick and Hayley on the WRKR Rocker Morning Show Here.

The Vortex Tour will continue through the U.S. and has an additional Michigan Stop in Bay City on July 8th.

Pop Evil in Grand Rapids "Vortex Tour" Kickoff at The Intersection Rock the Lot

Pop Evil

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