I have a feeling there's a lot more Arizona Diamondbacks fans in southwest Michigan these days, ESPECIALLY after the past couple of days.

Former Portage Northern, and University of Michigan pitching standout Tommy Henry has finally made it to the Big Leagues with Arizona, and now stands 1-1 with his club.

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Tommy actually got his first start with the Diamondbacks on August 3rd in Cleveland, but that game didn't go so well. He stayed on the mound for five innings, allowing four earned runs, and only three strikeouts. The Diamondbacks lost that game 7-4.

BUT, he shook the dust loose on Tuesday and got his first win in the Major Leagues during his home debut against the Pirates. That game, he stayed in for seven innings, only allowing one run on four hits with three strikeouts, giving the Diamondbacks a 6-4 win.

"Some days you feel more nervous than others, more anxious than others. Today, I felt pretty at ease... I was just ready to go, I was excited to play, and have a little bit of fun out there."

In the video posted below, you can see Henry's post-game interview with reporters, his eyes are quite red, and his hair (under the ballcap) very wet looking. Apparently, that was a result of his teammates "celebration" of his first ever Major League Win, which included being doused in Oat Milk and shaving cream.

"I don't know. I closed my eyes and braced for impact... It was pretty cool being part of a tradition like that. I don't know how my hair looks like. I've had a battle trying to get... I think it's a combination of shaving cream and oat milk or something. That clumped up."


It's also possible he may have shed a few tears... maybe.

Tommy's got a few days off before his next start, but we offer our congratulations to the hometown Major Leaguer, and here's hoping for a long career ahead.
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