Chef Sean’s Poutine Machine is about to make its official opening in South Haven and I am absolutely here for it. I think poutine is one of the most extreme comfort foods there is, especially when you throw some brisket or pulled pork in the mix. That's when you're on the hunt.

Recently Chef Sean, who owns and operates the diner made the announcement he'll soon be opening in a former DQ location

I’m very excited to announce a new food option that will be available exclusively to the South Haven area, Chef Sean’s Poutine Machine. I’m in collaboration with the Tribe Kitchen and the Menu will be available on Door Dash and pick up or dine in at Tribe Kitchen ( Formerly DQ). Poutine is a Canadian staple of different types of loaded fries; A complete meal. These will be flavorful and generous portions of deliciousness.
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Fully Loaded Menu

This menu looks absolutely insane and is a general rough draft of what can be expected from the new diner:

The Pou-Yie

Chicken & Andouille Gumbo/ Roasted Holy Trinity/ Smoked Brisket/ Mozzarella Cheese / Hot Sauce/Smothered over Crinkle Fries

Gyro Poutine

Crispy Gyro Meat/ Red Onion marmalade/ Feta Cheese/ Tszaziki Sauce/ Chopped Tomatoes Smothered over Crinkle Fries

Italian Beef Poutine

Slow Cooked Italian Sirloin/ Giardinara Gravy/ Sport Peppers/ Carmelized Onions and Roasted Peppers/ Cheese Curds Smothered over Crinkle Fries

Philly Cheesesteak Poutine

Juicy Ribeye Steak/ Cheese Wiz/ Roasted Peppers & Onions Smothered over Crinkle Fries

BBQ Chicken Poutine

Chopped Chicken Tenders/ BBQ Sauce/ Cheese Wiz/ Cowboy Candy/ Carmelized Onions Smothered over Crinkle Fries

Chicken Bacon Ranch Poutine

Chopped Chicken Tenders/ Homemade Ranch/ Bacon/ Banana Peppers/ Cheese Curds/ Tomatoes Smothered over Crinkle Fries

Mac & Cheese Poutine

Creamy Mac & Cheese/ Roasted Peppers/ Carmelized Onions/ Tomatoes/ Ranch smothered over Crinkle fries

Garlic Parmesan Poutine

Chicken Tenders/ Alfredo Sauce/ Roasted Garlic/ Parmesan/ Broccoli/ Tomatoes
Smothered over Crinkle Fries

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