One of the most wonderful things to happen to me in my life was to meet Dustan Colyer and witness a short life well lived.  When I think of this I feel humbled and completely inadequate in terms of human existence.  Even though Dustan is no longer with us on this earth his presence it felt so strongly in the legacy he left behind that is DC Strong.

As Larry Gonzalez told us this week, another worthy event is taking place in Plainwell this Saturday night.  The Children Of Gold Gala takes place at City Hall to celebrate the courage of all the kids who have and are fighting cancer.  I could tell you all the amazing reasons you should be there but instead I'm going to bribe you with some unbelievable auction items you could own.  DC Strong "friends" have acquired movie and TV scripts signed by the ultra famous.  Check out this partial list.

-Game Of Thrones (Episode 509 "The Dance of Dragons") signed by Emilia Clarke Aka Daenerys Targaryen

-Dark Knight Rises signed by Tom Hardy Aka Bane

-The Office (pilot episode) signed by Jenna Fischer Aka Pam

-The Walking Dead (Episode 616 "Last Day On Earth", this is Andrew's final episode) signed by Andrew Lincoln Aka Rick Grimes

-Captain America: The Winter Soldier signed by Sebastian Stan Aka Bucky aka The Winter Soldier

-Shape of Water signed by Guillermo Del Toro

Click HERE to get more information on the event.



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