Shiek Burks, Kalamazoo resident and father of two was understandably sickened and heartbroken when he took his children to Farrell Park off Rose and Frank Streets over the weekend and found the slides tagged with racist graffiti. "Racist mfs did this to the baby slide," he posted on Facebook, along with this picture; the word "N*gger" in red on one slide; three swastikas on the other.

Shiek Burks
Shiek Burks

Like Burks said, on the baby slides. You can't even take your children to the park without being smacked in the face with a reminder that true equality, and for that matter safety, of every walk of human life on this earth is too far a goal to be reached. The good news is it doesn't seem like the slides stood defaced for long. From what Burks observed authorities were prompt on clean up, but not before the insult was felt.

I hope whomever is responsible realizes just how cowardly and weak their act truly was.

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