We've all heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday; two days devoted to wheelin' and dealin', crossing names off your list one sale at a time. But 'tis the season of giving, and today is Giving Tuesday, a day devoted to giving, rather than gifting.

How can you donate and keep it local?  I'm glad you asked!  Here are Five Ways to Give in Kalamazoo!

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1. Kalamazoo Community Foundation

According to their website, the Kalamazoo Community Foundation's mission is to "... provide essential funding to programs that ensure all of our children have an equitable chance for success in school, that nurture and prepare all of our young people for life beyond school, that support individuals and families from all walks of life, that enhance community prosperity in every corner of Kalamazoo County, and make life better for all." So from the very young to the young adults, the Kalamazoo Community Foundation is dedicated to ensuring residents of Kalamazoo succeed. If education is important to you, consider donation to them today!

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2. Kalamazoo Gospel Mission

Donating doesn't always mean money; it can often mean time.  The Kalamazoo Gospel Mission relies on members of our community to help feed our neighbors who are struggling. Fill out their volunteer form on the website and see how you can donate your time today! You don't need to give a single penny to help fill a stomach.

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3. Red Cross of Greater Kalamazoo

So you don't have extra money, and you don't have enough time to dedicate to the mission.  No problem! You do have a donation at your fingertips; a donation that is always needed and replenishes, magically, on it's own - your blood. From outpatient surgeries to major traumas, hospitals need blood daily. Your donation could save a life today... and you might even get a cookie and some juice for your trouble.

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4. The Salvation Army

We've all seen the familiar red kettles hung close to a friendly bell-ringer; the holidays just don't seem like the holidays without that familiar sight. But don't forget, the Salvation Army doesn't just take money; they take donations of household goods, furniture, clothing, books, electronics, sporting goods - you name it! They take your donated items, sell them, and use that money to help support the many organizations they are involved with to provide safe places for domestic abuse survivors, the homeless, neglected children, and displaced veterans.

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5. Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kalamazoo 

Not ever child is lucky to have the guidance and discipline a solid foundation of family and friends can provide. Celebrating 60 years of service in our area, the Boys and Girls Club is instrumental in keeping our youth on track and giving them paths they may never have been introduced to. After school development, summer camps, parenting workshops - the list goes on and on. Contact them today to see how you can get involved.


There you have it; five ways you can give in Kalamazoo.  Happy Giving Tuesday, everyone!