Some call it the 'Worlds Longest Playground Slide' while others just want to call a chiropractor after they slide it. However you refer to it, there aren't many slides like this one at Thatcher Park in Ravenna, Michigan near Muskegon.

Hidden away in the village's Thatcher Park, the slide is in a tree-covered area that isn't well seen from the road or parking lot. You've got to know it's there or stumble upon it. The slide is built into a hillside so unlike nearly every other playground slide you've ever encountered, this one has the stairs to the top on either side of the slide rather than behind it. The contours of the hill also give the slide a unique mid-way bump, as it's clear from the video below, you can get some real air when you hit it.

The slide was featured recently on the Historical Michigan Facebook page and it brought back memories for many - and not all of them necessarily happy ones.

Oh I remember this when I was a kid! Great slide

I grew up in that town. Walking up the steps was half the danger before they fixed it up a little. The steps were all washed out so you had to take a step over a board and into a trench every step. They didn’t have any of that stuff up top either so if you got to close to the edge good luck. We found a piece of plywood on the hill to the right and used to ride that down it.

My mom bruised her tailbone on this slide over a dare, the last time I went down I put my coat down and sat on it, flew like 4 ft off the end and hit the ground

My husband broke a tendon in his finger going down that slide, lol. He hit it on the side going down. He has to go to physical therapy for weeks.

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Another commentor mentioned that there was once a similar slide near the lakeshore in Allegan County:

There used to be one at Westside Park on the lakeshore in Allegan County, but it was taken down in the 90s or so. They said it was too dangerous. We used to slide down it as kids in the 60s and 70s with no accidents!

Take a look at what it's like to ride the slide. And yes, it sure does look like a bumpy ride.

I think we would be remiss to not say "try this at your own risk" because my man here goes sailing like Christopher Cross heading down the big slide.

Thatcher Park is more than the slide. MinivanAdventures gives a full look at the park including the playground, gazebo, waterwheel and trails - and yes, a nice picture from the top of the slide.

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