Braintrust Behavioral Health LLC is a Kalamazoo based Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy service that assists with children on the autism spectrum. With summer upon us, the children they work with would love more than anything to go outside and play, but Braintrust is in need of a safe play area. Before they add more equipment, they are in desperate need of building a fence around their property so the children who have yet to master basic safety don't wander on to Stadium Drive. They have already received a donation of labor at no cost and Menards is giving them a 30% discount on materials, but they are still quite a ways away from meeting their goal. Braintrust helps our children. Considering helping Braintrust. They have created a crowd-source funding page where you can donate directly. If your family or a family you know has benefited from the services Braintrust provides, please share this link and together we can help our local children get a safe play area. Click here to learn more.


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