Southwest Michigan is full of tiny diners, breakfast and lunch spots that seem to fly under the radar, yet are crucial to the local business scene around the area. Most of these easy-to-miss places have nothing but heart and soul considering they're businesses run by people in our community trying to give back. We've seen many places such as this open this year, and a new business has added its name to the growing list. Reyna Larson and Alice Hoffmann took a chance to open up their small lunch room marketplace in the village of Galien in Berrien County at 118 N. Cleveland Ave in the historic shop which has hosted a market, ice cream parlor, and winery since the early 1900s.

Already the partners have made a big impact on the community and the residents have been expressing their gratitude in the comment section of their page for taking that chance on them, as one woman described her experience with the new business:

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The owners of Ray & Al's are Reyna Larson and Alice Hoffmann. Immediately upon entering, one is greeted by their smiles and a genuine friendly welcoming. Of course, stepping into this new business brought back many memories of the years spent at Galien High School. It was the place to go if you wanted a soda, ice cream and candy. Although the soda fountain is gone, the memories remain. It's a Market Place as well, which is near the front entrance, on the left.
A lot of work was apparently put into this historic location to get it ready to open, but the two have expressed their excitement about the business they've seen so far. The shop is a local marketplace as well as a spot to grab breakfast or lunch and they're open from Wednesday to Monday from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.

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