The middle of December is shaping up to be pretty warm in Michigan. In fact, there is a chance that some records for warmth will be broken in Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, and other areas of the state.

The forecast high temperature for the West Michigan region from WWMT for Wednesday, December 15, and Thursday, December 16 is supposed to be 60 degrees both days! In fact, on Wednesday night the temperature is only supposed to drop to 54. That's incredibly warm for the nighttime, considering the official beginning of winter is just a few days later.

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Of course, we all know in Michigan that any weather forecast is subject to change at any point. But, if it happens, it would be pretty wild. We usually get isolated warm days at times in the winter, but two days in a row of temperatures at or above 60 degrees anytime between early December and late February is odd.

The record high for Kalamazoo on those two days is 62 on December 15, set in 2010, and 62 on December 16, set in 2004 according to Weatherbase.

The record high for Battle Creek on those two days is 61 on December 15, set in 1971, and 61 on December 16, set in 1984 according to the Battle Creek Weather Almanac.

So we certainly have a chance to get past both of those records or at least tie them, should the forecast hold or especially if it is adjusted to forecast even warmer temps.

While this forecast may make some people happy who hate the cold winter weather, others, such as skiers, people who like ice fishing, or those who want weather that fits the holidays. This also is only a week and a half before the Christmas holiday, so it could put those who are fans of having a White Christmas a little on edge. We will see how it all shakes out.

Again, it is Michigan after all.

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