Red Hot Chili Peppers are a talented bunch of musicians, and while we're used to seeing Anthony Kiedis on vocals, Flea on bass, Chad Smith on drums and Josh Klinghoffer on guitar, they showed over the weekend that they can do more. During their appearance at the Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands, the guys did some instrument switching during the encore-opening jam.

What started off as a bit of the Beatles' "Hey Bulldog" turned into more of a jam with the guys having some fun onstage. As seen in the fan-posted video from a NPO Cultura broadcast, Klinghoffer and Smith kicked things off with a piano-drum based jam.

Flea eventually gets in on the fun, first taking the stage while doing handstands and then making his way over to the keyboards. Coming out of the encore, Kiedis is the last to arrive as the jam heats up. He surveys the action going on, takes a drink, then wanders to the side of the stage to strap on a bass. Kiedis starts off a little tentative, giving the bass a few hard slaps, but is later seen playing full-on, though the bass is not as heavy in the stage mix as the keys and drums.

Eventually, Klinghoffer steps away from the piano, leaving Flea on keys, so he can return to guitar and join Kiedis on bass at the front of the stage as they key in on Smith's drums. As the jam comes to a chaotic conclusion, Flea jokes with the crowd, "That's our new hit single. It's going to be coming out on adult contemporary next week." Kiedis adds, "Big in Albania right now. Top 10 song in Albania right now."

Red Hot Chili Peppers have a tour schedule mostly filled with European dates through October -- the lone exceptions being their Lollapalooza and Osheaga Festival appearances in late July. See their current tour schedule here.

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