The movie, "Bohemian Rhapsody" has re-ignited interest in the band Queen.  One of the greatest live bands of all time, Queen played a couple shows in the late 1970's in Kalamazoo.

According to,  Queen played in Kalamazoo at Wings Stadium first in January of 1977 and the following year on November 11th, 1978.

The show in 1977 was the tour for their album, "A Day at The Races".  This was the album that featured, "Somebody to Love" and "Tie Your Mother Down".

According to the setlist,  both of those songs were performed during the show in Kalamazoo along with songs from each of their previous four albums.

The band returned to West Michigan the next year in November of 1978 for the "Jazz Tour".   The "Jazz" album featured, "Don't Stop Me Now", "Bicycle Race" and "Fat Bottomed Girls".

The setlist for this show included  songs from that album along with "News Of The World".  Many returning favorites were also included in the set. This show featured the fast intro of "We Will Rock You",  that went on to be a tour opener through out the rest of their touring years.

I unfortunately could not find any clips of either show but there are many clips of the bands tours from those years.

Do you remember either one of these shows?  Where you there?



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