There have been some classic tours over the years that have made their way into Kalamazoo.  I recently stumbled across a show that Sammy Hagar performed at Wings Stadium back in 1984.

The show was actually one of two that he did in Kalamazoo with Krokus opening back on October 20th and 21st of 1984 at Wings Stadium.

One of the highlights of the show on October 21st was that during his encore,  Sammy was joined on stage by Ted Nugent.

The show was broadcast on radio at the time.  With it having been broadcast on radio, it is a widely available bootleg with great audio.    If you check out the set list many classic Sammy solo tunes were performed.  This tour was during the release of his, "V.O.A" album just before he joined Van Halen.

Where you at this show?  Do you remember it or remember hearing it at the time?

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