So REO Speedwagon is touring with Styx and Loverboy and stopped in Grand Rapids for tonight's (May 31st show). And REO's Kevin Cronin, during some downtime made it over to the Grand River. And he sounds like a tour guide on his Facebook post.

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So I took a walk along the Grand River here in Grand Rapids, Michigan today, and rediscovered the famous Fish Ladder. Salmon instinctively swim upstream to lay their eggs in the same spot they were born, but over the years the Grand has been dammed, and the poor salmon were thwarted in their efforts. But in 1976 the fish ladder was built, and provides these mighty creatures with water-covered steps, as they struggle to jump up from one to the next, determined to continue north against the swift current of the Grand. I stood and watched this phenomenon, fascinated by these fish and their undying determination to reach their hatching area. I am constantly inspired by nature, and I totally relate to these fearless salmon as they face such long odds and use all their strength to get where they need to go. - (Kevin Cronin) REO Speedwagon on Facebook.

But chances are you're not following REO for news about the Fish Ladder. He does mention the tour stop tonight and how our lives have changed in the of Covid and looking for normalcy.

Anyway, this tour with Styx and Loverboy has been a dream for so long, and now we are here in Grand Rapids, Michigan and it’s all coming true! It’s great to see all the familiar faces, both band and crew members, the vibe is all good, and the production looks and sounds amazing. We had a great rehearsal day yesterday, Styx is up today, and Loverboy will soundcheck tomorrow. Van Alden (sp) Arena will be packed to the rafters on Tuesday night for the opening date of our Live, and Un-Zoomed Tour. I am so over Zoom performances, Zoom meetings, Zoom everything…I want to be in the same room with you all, feeling your energy in person, and we will rock you. This tour will be stopping in forty-six cities all around the country, and will likely be somewhere near you soon. So come on out and be part of this celebration of song and good vibes…we will be looking for you." - (Kevin Cronin) REO Speedwagon on Facebook

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