As Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch continue to be the current go to systems,  I recently revisited my old Playstation 2 to enjoy some great games from the past.

This whole recent PS2 interest came about as out of nowhere I watched an old YouTube video that featured "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas".  I remembered how great the game was and wondered if my old system would still work.

I still had everything for it so I decided to dig it out of my basement and fire it up.  It ran like it was brand new.   The game loaded up and it was like sitting on my couch in my old apartment driving vehicles around Los Santos.

I don't know what it is about this game or it's predecessors, ("Vice City", "Grand Theft Auto III") I just enjoyed everything that was put into these games.

The chance to drive various cars,  blowing up stuff and hearing some great music on all the various stations  was great.  Going back to these games is like playing them for the first time as I can barely remember where most of the stuff is in these games.

Two other games I enjoyed with the PS2 was the two Star Wars:Battlefront games.  I know they recently released a new version of the game but as with the GTA's,  there was something about the play of these older games that they haven't figured out with the new ones.

Like rediscovering vinyl I am rediscovering these classic games from the old system.   Any old systems you recently rediscovered?

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