The owners of River Saint Joe Brewery in Buchanan Michigan have certainly gotten creative in keeping social distancing protocol in-check when it comes to operating a business during a pandemic and clever they are. Add one part delicious beer to two parts great food and an addictive outdoor game and you have a recipe for success, at least when it comes to beer and game loving people like me.

They call it "River Rocks" only it's not a game of skipping rocks across the water of say, a river, but more like when you combine the thrill seeking games of Curling and Shuffleboard.

Using a broom, players must shove a 'stone" down a lane of ice toward a target and just like shuffleboard and curling the object is to get your stone to stop as close to the target as possible.  Of course good luck keeping your stone close to the target as opposing players hurl their stones at yours to displace your stone and eliminate your points. All in good fun. And what fun it is.

River Saint Joe Brewery is a unique stop and they encourage you to integrate your experience with the farm.  According to the Breweries web site:

A kitchen and brewmasters garden, honey bees, a young orchard and soon a few animals make it a perfect home for River St. Joe and a perfect place to relax, connect to the land, and enjoy a farmhouse beer!

Private gatherings and community events are encouraged to be held on the farm. Plan a trip out to the farm and Sign up to play some River Rocks with your circle of friends soon!


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