A new album from Robert Plant and Alison Krauss is reportedly in the works.

The duo famously collaborated on 2007’s Raising Sand, which earned platinum sales and took home five Grammy awards, including Album of the Year.

During a recent episode of the Everyone Loves Guitar podcast, Greg Leisz, the pedal steel guitarist who played on Raising Sand, mentioned he’d heard material earmarked for the new LP.

“I actually just recently heard a song from the upcoming record,” Leisz admitted. “[Plant] is doing another record with - has done another record - with Alison Krauss and I heard a track from it the other day.”

According to Leisz, the song, which he described as “incredible,” was titled “Searching For My Baby.” “When you hear that, it’s going to blow your mind,” the musician declared. “It’s fantastic.”

The latest information regarding a second Plant/Krauss collaboration aligns with details revealed last year. A May 2020 story in Uncut magazine about Lucinda Williams noted that the country singer had just gotten back from a recording session with the duo in Nashville. The magazine added that T-Bone Burnett, who produced Raising Sand, was also with them in the studio.

During a BBC radio interview two months later, Plant jokingly referred to Williams as “a little tinker,” before admitting “there’s all sorts of stuff rumbling and smoking left, right and centre right now” regarding another album with Krauss.

Besides Raising Sand, the Led Zeppelin frontman and bluegrass-country singer also worked together on the 2015 single “The Light of Christmas Day,” which was included on the soundtrack to the feature film Love the Coopers. The most recent studio albums from each artist - Carry Fire by Plant and Windy City by Krauss - came out in 2017.


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