Robert Plant reflected on the success of his Digging Deep podcast, and said it might result in the release of previously unheard music using the platform.

He’s completed two seasons, where he picks a song from his catalog in each episode and talks about the circumstances surrounding it. A box set was released containing those tracks. But Plant it was still important to keep quiet about many of the details of his career.

“Talking about the creation and development of music is a double-edged sword,” he told Classic Rock in a new interview. “I recently did a gig in Roskilde, Denmark, and Bob Dylan wanted to talk to me about touring. So I met him where all the buses are parked, at this big festival, and we eyeballed each other and smiled in the darkness. It was pissing with rain, two hooded creatures in a blacked-out car park, and I said to him, ‘Hey, man, you never stop!’ He looked at me, smiled and said, ‘What’s to stop for?’

Plant recalled he "couldn’t ask him about his songs, because as much as I’ve been affected by his work, you can’t talk about it. My work is not anywhere near as profound in what it’s trying to do. At the same time, you can get to know the motive and circumstances behind a particular song, without it being ‘Masters of War’.”

The singer explained why he always replied “fuck off” to queries about writing a book. “Everything that I’ve got between my ears, or between my legs, is my business and nobody else’s," he said. "I know too many things, and when I finally depart this mortal coil, I don’t want my family to think that I was some kind of weirdo. … So I keep it hid. One of the tracks off my last record is about just that – ‘Keep It Hid.' And that’s what you have to do.”

He said his main goal was to bring some of his songs back to life, noting that the experience is fun. "They almost come to life in a totally different way," Plant said. "It’s amazing how the whole idea of podcasts, as a mode of entertainment, has replaced radio in many people’s imaginations.”

Plant added that he has more than 40 songs he's never released. "I’ve got stuff that I did in New Orleans with the Li’l Band O’ Gold and Allen Toussaint," he noted. "I’ve done so many things. I’ve got a whole album, Band of Joy II, that I did with Buddy Miller and Patty Griffin. I’ve got stuff everywhere. So it might be a good way to gather some pretty powerful stuff and just eke it out there. … It’s not just about stuff that came out through the normal channels.”


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